What I bring to the table

I draw on more than 25 years of experience in leading positions in the service sector and industry companies in Germany and abroad.

As lawyer and partner at several international law firms, also in management roles, I have counseled clients in M&A and capital markets transactions, as well as in substantial conflicts with third parties and disputes in/out of court.

As member of the executive management and General Counsel of a German DAX company’s largest business division, I have prepared and executed decisions with global impact.

Curriculum Vitae


Relevant Experience
Comprehensive knowledge of critical decision-making processes in companies and in transactions →

Well-founded expertise in dealing with customers, suppliers, partners, and opponents in challenging business situations, conflicts, and disputes.

Proven ability to implement and enforce strategies for decision-making and solutions in a pragmatic, pro-active, and reliable manner.

In-depth experience in ‘lessons-learned’ processes.

Extensive background in leading and developing teams: For more than two decades I have put together and led teams of lawyers and other professionals in projects, including selecting, leading, and monitoring external service providers in several countries. While working in law firms, winning and developing new colleagues was one of my important tasks. In the company environment I was also active in the strategic repositioning and optimization of the legal & compliance organization.

Personal Skills
Ability to reduce complexity to its core characteristics and patterns, to make clear presentations, and to develop options that yield the desired results →

Intercultural competence rooted in management experience in law firms of German, U.K., and U.S. origin; negotiation leader vis-á-vis companies, public authorities/government agencies, and individuals in Europe, the United States, Middle & South America, and Middle East (including Iran), as well as Asia, in particular China, South Korea, and Japan; responsible for professionals in more than 30 locations worldwide.

Long-time experience in implementing and enforcing decisions and solutions with lasting impact on organizations and corporate bodies; capable of winning necessary support for the desired option and involving key players in the implementation.

Trust and Confidentiality
Admitted as attorney at law in Germany (Rechtsanwalt) and in the U.S. (State of New York) →

Safeguarded lawyer-client communication is the basis of trustful and open communication. Counseling and support are absolutely confidential and, at the client’s request, can take place behind the scenes.

Independent with a commitment solely to my client and my personal values. Conflicts of interest are excluded.

Resolving the issue is what motivates me, not repeat business, cross-selling, or the possibility of financial leverage that comes with employing big teams. My primary task is to support you in achieving the immediate business goals and long-term objectives.

As needed, I am able to involve a network of independent experts and service providers of all kinds, developed in long-term relationships of cooperation and trust →

The focus is on experts from the areas of Legal, Finance, Banking & Private Equity, Human Resources, Communication, and Security/Investigations. All experts have long-time experience in companies (senior management) or in professional service firms.

Additionally, I have built strong, cooperative relations with government agencies and other public authorities over many years.